Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Halfway there

It's June 30. okay, everyone already knows that having looked at the calendar and cell phone face. Here we are halfway through the year marked 2010. I've read books on the list, gotten a little bit better paying job, lost weight, gained weight, done yoga regularly, turned 40 (couldn't do a lot to change that one!), gotten engaged (didn't have that one on the list!), joined the gym (hey, a membership is a start), and finished all but the final sewing on our handmade fully embroidered Christmas stockings for our family. However, I'm now reconsidering some of the other "To Do's" on the list for the year:
• Nah, don't really need to do Mt. Everest this year -- it's been there a while I can wait till, hmm, 2012.
• Nope, crocheting socks for every member of the family for Christmas is not really THAT important.
• 5k in April, oops, that's out!
• Make a million by Dec. 2010 . . . . well, there's still time for that. I'll keep it on the list.

So until I reconvene with myself and go over that list again in say, October, I'll get back to those striped, hand-made stocking caps for the neighborhood . . . .