Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Early Bird Special

The blue sky is broken up with a cloud shape assortment -- is that Grover? Twittering birds are flitting about in search of the morning bite. Grandma always said "if you're not five minutes early, you're late," so I keep trying to be on time. To be early. Good for the bird --- terrible for the worm.

There's not a lot of positive feedback on being late for things. Being late could mean you lose that "BIG" deal, don't get great concert seats, miss the lunch special, have to wait for the next ferry, have an angry client, or you're greeted by a locked door and only get to watch yoga class from the clear glass on the wrong side of the door. However, being late can also be a good thing: you miss out on being involved in that car pile up, a new one is on the way or if you are a mouse you can step over your cousin and have a cheesy snack.

Best wishes to the worms who are late sleepers . . .

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